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You'll be supporting my writing and that's huge. It honestly means the world to me. 

You will be getting snippets of the book I'm working on, about how the big world changes are related to our own personal life changes. 

If you feel lonely and despair about the world often, this is a great way to connect. "Connect to what?", you say. Connect to this great revolution in consciousness that is taking place in the world right now. This isn't something we "think" but something we experience, and the only way to believe in it is to go and feel it for yourself. 

My writing will help by putting our daily life experiences into the context of this world changes. Like this: you're sad because you are single and you don't have a partner? (*cough cough*). Well, I will be writing about how relationships as we understand them are changing, so that now we will belong to different families. 

(I will only send you writing once a month, so at most you are paying $1 per moth)

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This tier is for you if you're already committed to the "self-work" process and want some support along the way. You can e-mail me about whatever is troubling you and I can recommend you approaches and practices, all based in yoga / mindfulness.

This is your best option if you want to make progress in your personal life but you cannot hire a "life coach".  




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About Mary Tracy

Hi, I’m Mary, and I’m a writer and yoga teacher and I want to help stop the world from going to Hell in a hand basket.

I am tired of waiting for the revolution, so I’m going out looking for it. I’ll build it with my own hands if necessary.

I am committed to join in this movement to save the planet, in whichever way I can.
That means:
  • teaching yoga + workshops,
  • woofing and working at organic farms,
  • cleaning + cooking,
  • writing
I want to go visit the "Tamera Healing Biotope" in Portugal, explore "sacred activism" and how to help regenerate ecosystems. 
I want to go and visit the "Findhorn Foundation" in Scotland, and learn how to grow food with the help of spirits. 

These places already exist, the Revolution is being lived right now, and I want to be part of it.
It's not enough to ask "What will come after Capitalism?". We have to build what comes next. We have to become it.

The Book

I’m writing a book about how the familiar life-path of work, home and relationship no longer function, and we need to invent new ones. If the life journey of “University to career to house to marriage to children to pension” doesn’t work anymore, then what do we replace it with?

What if the future doesn’t hold any more “careers”? What if nobody can afford a house anymore? What if marriages and nuclear families dissolve for most of us?

And what if, and here’s where it gets interesting, this is precisely what needs to happen for us to solve this environmental crisis?
Y’all, what if our inability to live a “conventional” life is because this “convention” is killing the planet??? And what if, bear with me here, what if the “unconventional” things that make us healthy and happy are precisely what the planet needs to heal?

“We have lived by the assumption that what was good for us would be good for the world. (…) We have been wrong. We must change our lives, so that it will be possible to live by the contrary assumption that what is good for the world will be good for us. And that requires that we make the effort to know the world and to learn what is good for it." Wendell Berry

Why I'm on Patreon

My goal isn’t to make lots of money. I have given up on “making a living” as this culture understands it. (I have also given up on things like “marriage” and “relationships, but that’s another story for my book). Instead I am trying to find alternative living arrangements, such as volunteering at Ashrams and organic farms. This keeps my expenses low. I just want to support myself while I do this (travel, food, things like that).

My goal isn’t to reach fame and success (I’m giving up on them as well), but to write this book for the people who need it.
I want to help build a community of people who are exploring different ways to live. I want to meet up with them and hear their stories. I want to document how they are living these alternative narratives that will help us heal the world.
I believe that it’s in this alternative lifestyles that we will find a path out of the life destroying culture and towards a revolutionary, spiritual, nourishing life affirming culture.

I want to write this book with the help of those this book is for. The non-conformist, the change-makers, the radicals, the hippies. Those with “out there” practices such as blessing the seeds before planting them. 

What I’m trying to say is: if you have failed at having a “good life” as defined by this culture, then you’re not alone. I am writing a book about you and for you.

I'm doing this because the Revolution is finally happening

I am tired of waiting for permission from the gatekeepers. Waiting for political parties to wisen up to the incoming catastrophe of Environmental Breakdown. Waiting for Big Websites to accept my pitches (“why sure, Mary, we totally want your piece about spirituality and politics, that is exactly up our street” NOT).

I am finally witnessing the stirring, the rising, the movement among the "spiritually aware but so-far complacent” to cut the ever-loving crap and rise for social justice and environmental sanity.
I am feeling called, and I choose to respond. In my way. Not by fomenting the well-trodden political path of hostility and antagonism. And not by ignoring the fight altogether. I want to join that middle path, the “Amanda Palmer” way of activism, through calling out what needs calling out, in a loving way. It is loving, yes, but is still calling out.

This is the fight for our lives. We are fighting to stay alive. We are fighting others, and ourselves. We are fighting our own dumb inertia, ennui, passivity and sterility. Fighting our refusal to do the hard work of caring, waiting in vain until we are more comfortable, or more secure, or more enlightened. We are getting enlightened *in* this fight. Fighting to care more than we ever cared before.Fight the urge to hide, to sleep, to numb, to run away, to “leave it all for later”.

Underneath the hustle and bustle of business-as-usual a radical beast is stirring, waking, rising, and that beast is the new world we are building, with our hands. There are already people growing vegetables with prayers and helping spirits. There are already people using light and sacred geometry to heal others. These people are not just “being the change” but actively making it, right now, out in the margins of society, where the Mainstream does not venture and the State cannot outlaw.

I want to take this commitment seriously, because it’s been sitting in my heart for years, and I’ve always been too scared or too angry (another form of scared) or too exhausted (another form of scared) to act on it.

This is the time to push for this change in consciousness, to give it all we've got. We cannot get distracted by the longing for easy comforts, the expectation of a well paid "career" or a well paid "pension". These things are over. The future is the land, and our relationship to it and to each other.
I am committed to doing my best in this part we all have to play. I hope you join me.

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