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About MaskedEnigmaArt

Hello everyone. I’m known online as Masked Enigma but you can call me Enigma for short. I am an artist who posts a lot on social media. Canadian born I am currently applying to go to my local university to get a degree in the arts. I’m also aiming to achieve a master’s degree in either Psychology or Animation, depending on whether I can make art my full-time career in the next two years or so. (As I’ve already gotten my first two years of my degree at my local college.) I am 20 years young and spend most of my time drawing digitally and traditionally. As well as streaming games and art on twitch, playing video games with my friends, studying and reading.

My major plan with my career is to be able to do commissions and Youtube as my main source of income. I tried to have an old Youtube account that had over 350 subscribers from just uploading 4 videos but since then have moved to a new channel. It is called “Masked Enigma Art” because other accounts on Youtube began to pop up with my name. At this time, I have 297 subscribers. I am working my hardest every day to improve on my art, sound and video quality. As I continue to grow on social media it will be my goal to post great content every time.

On social media I post many different mediums and from many fandoms. My passions right now are my webcomic called Not for Malice and Kpop. I draw a lot of Jimin from BTS although I am a fan of many groups such as NCT, Monsta x and Twice. I plan to make animations in the future to their music videos and to some of their funny clips from online. And as I mentioned I’m making a webcomic. Currently I have the plot written and most of the characters designed. I have about 2 more characters I need to work on. Currently, I post smaller comics and sketches of them on my Instagram (@MaskedEnigma). The comic is about the survival of a group of people from all walks of life in the middle of a terrorist take over of Russia. It takes place many years in the future but has a more grounded sense to it. (Rather than flying cars and laser guns.)

The reason I am on Patreon is so that I can get closer to fans, earn money to go to school and buy a new laptop so that I can get more school work and commissions done. I would love the opportunity to make my passion in life my career as so many do. Please, if you like what you’re heard spread the word and check out my social media and help support my dream.

Snapchat: Masked-Engima

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