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About Maskott Swoop

Hi. I'm a 26 year old UK/Norwegian Rapper based in Norway. I've been into Rap since the age of 14. So its been a Passion of mine for quite some while now. I try to release 3 projects yearly (*FOR FREE*). My first release was back in 2016 called "Curses Of Verses", a mixtape at the length of "1:26:59"! So yes, I put in work. After 2 years and 7 projects (as of the moment I'm writing this), I decided I should start selling my yearly Albums. (I try to do 2 mixtapes and 1 album yearly, atleast thats the plan and I'm sticking to it). Tho for free, it can get quite costly -but making music is a Real Passion and a Real Release so I basically dont mind doing it for free. (But eyy, a mans gotta make bread of his Passion eventually. So I thought I'd try starting off with that now). Hopefully, you get the chance to check out my music and discover me as something you like. I'd describe myself as a very unique emcee. I do my own thing and I dont really follow the same standard setups thats pre-set up. If you find you like my music, I'd really appreciate if you'd care to support my work and grabb that album. Heres a link to do so: (my first paid for release). So lets see how it goes...
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