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Welcome, good personage, to the inner circle. The Patreon Friendos. For this, you have my passion.  You have been promoted from a simple friendo to the title of Maskudet. The sheer power that this title holds is... it's a very powerful title. Hold your head up high. You're one of THE boys. That's right. Cold one cracked wide open.

Everyone gets benefits. So, you'll be able to get uncensored versions of my videos, your name at the end of videos, and the Patreon role on the discord server when I make it. Isn't that snazzy? Tell me what else you want. This is to be a booming tier, very enticing.

Maskudet Quintuple Binger
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You decided to go quintuple time on the boys. Do you think you've got what it takes? Well alrighty then. You have been promoted to the title of  Maskudet Quintuple Binger. Welcome, Patreon Friendo, to the bigger boys.

 You'll get a preview of my videos before the rest of the internet, and a special sticker. You will also have access to all those other big boy benefits. Now, ain't that a treat?

Deca Visor Realizer (It Rhymes)
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So you have some spwacket in the packet. Niiiice. A Tenner for the man sounds like a plan. But what do you get for it every month?

Well, you get to suggest a video every month. And I'll do it (within reason). You'll also get access to a privatized discord channel for these big phat deca plus patrons only. Also includes previous benefits (of course).




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About Maskulot

I'm a big fan of all that in the funny nooks and crannies of the inter-webs. I often enjoy letting my friendos in on what what I'm finding funny or interesting. Oh and acapellas too. Those are a thing.

That's what my YouTube channel is all about. I'd like to congratulate you for watching. Because of this, you too are a friendo. And, lo behold my giant plethora of videos, three a day every day amirite? No. I'm not on that level yet. I don't have the time or resources to release oodles of content to get big coin and at the same time keep good quality to said content. Now you can help your boy keep making nice content for the folks with this Patreon page.

Help me stimulate and spike video production, and release good videos on a more consistent basis. And to purchase more green tea - you can join me for a nice cup sometime. Good lord that stuff's delicious. If you don't prefer tea, surely we can come up with some other accommodations for you at this online beverage party.
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One brave soul finally decided to step into these waters. Welcome. The water is fine. Not like community pool pee warm fine, but like, hot tub with a few clean people in it. But that's just preference, as I prefer hot tubs. You can turn down the temperature if you'd like. No one's stopping you.
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