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Each person who pledges 1 dollar will receive a one on one talk with me to ask me any questions they want! This will also help me understand just what you guys are hoping for from me, what you want to see, and how I can be better for you guys.

Each patron will have the opprotunity to pick a topic of conversation or narrative. Its the least I could do for you all willing to support me. Furthermore, i will more than likely refer back to my patreon supporters when I go to create something new, mostly for ideas and direction.
per narrative and vlogs
If you're in a stable enough place to donate 3 dollars to me, you get a shout out on my channel in a thank you video I do annually. If you're giving me 3 dollars a video, the least I can do is tell you how much it means to me, and mention how much it means on the channel you are now GREATLY assisting with.




per narrative and vlogs


My youtube channel started as a way for me to showcase my voice talents and do what I've recently discovered I love doing. My narratives are as high of quality as I can manage, and each pledge dollar will allow me better software to edit with as well as equipment to improve my sound quality, such as a pre amp for my microphone and sound proofing for my walls. 
This is what I do every day, and I hope to be able to do this as a career one day. Each pledge takes me closer to that goal.

I promise that this money will not go to waste. I will use everything in my power to provide good quality content to my patrons and fans.

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