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DLC MHG Video Content + Discord Channels w/ Interactive Perks
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You will be given access to a few channels within the existing 'NJ Smash Bros. & MHG HQ' Discord server, which will be centralized around topic driven discussions on what makes something like the Smash scene tick, what the best uses of donations dollars can be, expanding e-sports / gaming to the masses, and the healthiest ways to support and grow with your own local scene.

You will also have access to a page here on Patreon where I upload a series of short videos about the topics above & some beyond. This content will generally be used as a lead in to more polished video content that will be posted to the MHG YouTube channel!

I will personally be working on / experimenting with ideas in these channels daily, and your feedback will go into directing  their focus, optimizing their use & inspiring the video content that ultimately gets produced! 

**The Discord channels will also double as the MHG Twitch Subscriber channels; subscribers will receive the same interactive perks** 

Closed Discord Calls & Conversations
per month
This tier is where I introduce some bigger, more focused ideas via Discord calls and / or audio feeds. These calls / streams will vary in frequency & duration and will be closed to this tier and above in some cases. Topics will range from Smash specific, to some more esoteric type conversations and IRL level up discussions. You will have a strong impact on the content that is being created and presented within the first tier.
Special Thanks to You
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Your name, and/or tag will be added on to the end of particular MHG YouTube Videos as a Special Thank You!

**I will be working on the larger tiers once the smaller see some growth**




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About Master Hand Gaming

Hello! My name is ChrisZX, I founded and operate a video game broadcasting & event organizing company by the name of Master Hand Gaming! (Be sure to check out the video above!)

I currently use MHG as a platform to contribute toward local gaming's growing prominence as a cultural and social norm in a world that generally does not yet understand it's merit beyond the crowd it can draw at any given moment.

In a non-general sense, what MHG to offers to this cause, is local gaming community content, currently centralizing around the Super Smash Bros. scene in NJ, including:

  • Tournaments planning & organizing
  • Professional grade tournament streaming & video uploads
  • NJ Smash Bros. 4 (Wii U) community organization, outreach & calendar
  • Local event promotion & marketing
  • Environments conducive for socializing & growing through local multiplayer gaming
While we have done well to provide these things to our immediate scene since our inception, I find myself with an overwhelming feeling that it is now time to provide newer and more valuable levels of service, for both our (local) Smash Bros 4 scene and larger communities of players who may be looking to level up through their gaming experiences!

The Challenge: Why the Patreon?

My goal for this MHG Patreon is to funnel community driven contributions to one place where they can then be used to improve the level of community management, increase community member participation, allow our players to connect more effectively with surrounding regions, create more engaging content & ultimately amplify the influence MHG can provide to players & supporters looking to positively make an impact on local gaming's potential! 

I operate mostly as a one man army on the back end, handling management, video/stream production, uploads, graphics, growth / expansion, investment money, generating cash-flow and overall direction of business. I work in tandem with MHG co-founder and top 50 Smash 4 (Wii U) player in the world, Shoyo James, who handles community logistics, event organizing and various other invaluable contributions that keep our players engaged and interested.

We are also fortunate to receive contributions from close community members looking to make their own impact on the scene's growth, development & image. Most of these efforts have largely been volunteer to date, so by nature nature, can be understandably inconsistent. This includes help with TO'ing events, casting, providing systems / monitors and some other essentials.

While it is a massive goal of mine to compensate community members and content creators for their contributions, MHG simply does not yet generate enough cash to expand beyond it's current flow of operations. Both James & I are stretch quite thin in growing & managing parts of the community that do not translate financially, however, are vital in long term growth potential to our players and supporters. While we do sustain growth with each event that we run, we are ultimately limited by our working capacity, time & energy. 

The Potential: Shared Visions

Pooling together resources to successfully accomplish some immediate goals on a small community scale (ie: Smash Bros in NJ) can lead to some much larger implications as to how local gaming scenes can grow and thrive organically!

Immediate goals for MHG & Smash 4 in NJ:

  • Growing the MHG team of TO's, stream assistants & casters to scale up our events 
  • Interaction with other local scenes: 
    • Fund players/casters to travel out of NJ and into other regions
    • Assist players who are travelling to NJ from other regions to compete
  • Pot bonuses for larger events, giveaways & prizes
  • Funds available to pay content contributors / create more robust and inclusivecontent regularly
Stretch goals for MHG:

  • New studio conducive to content creation with community members
  • More time dedicated from me (ChrisZX!) in creating content of more personal value to our supporters. TBD on specifics (see Rewards / Goals)
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The Discord Channels will open up. (These will will function as shared servers, with shared perks, for Twitch Subscribers). MHG game night and other perks will begin.
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