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As well as previous rewards, each year you'll receive one of my best puzzles. Rainbow Squares will be my offering for 2018. It won the George Pólya Award by the Math Association of America.




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About Gordon Hamilton

Hello everyone!

Designing board games and K-12 math puzzles are things I do at a world class level, but I need your help to support my creative habit ;-)

My best known game is "Santorini" which is rated as one of the top family games on board game geek. See it reviewed above.

I'm currently working on an epic board game spanning world history that already has a keen publisher. Other, less ambitious games are in the pipeline.

My best known math puzzles have been featured in the New York Times, won the Mathematical Association of America's George Pólya Award, and been featured in both Ted Ed and Numberphile videos.


These puzzles must be beautiful, easy for teachers to use, enticing for students, and intrigue me as a mathematician. The objective is to achieve high classroom engagement in tough problem solving.

All these creations are put up for free on my web site, MathPickle.com. It is a practical resource that thousands of teachers already use. The top three countries to download MathPickle puzzles are the United States, India and Australia. That's funny because I'm a Canadian ;-)

I do not spend all of my time designing. I regularly go into classrooms to teach students, mentor teachers and learn from both. This real world testing keeps the ideas fresh and relevant. Take a look at the video for Half Fraction Snake below. You'll see it works well in the classroom.


As well as puzzles and games, I also rework some unsolved problems from the last few centuries so they work in the classroom. Properly presented, these unsolved problems support the curriculum and engage the full spectrum of students. Top students are inspired... struggling students see that everyone struggles. Struggling is to be celebrated!


I was supported by Nancy Blachman the American Institute of Mathematics 2015-2017 to design full-time with no constraints. What a gift! I hope Patreon will give me the same freedom.

Thank you all,
Gordon Hamilton
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One day each month I'll grab a videographer, rent a studio and invite a guest to talk. The videos will celebrate the art of teaching and design.

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