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Anyone who pledges at least five dollars a month will earn a place on my homepage,, in a special section marked "Patrons," along with my infinite gratitude.
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Hi. I'm Thor Mathiason. I started making videos back in 2014 as a hobby, a side project while I work my normal job. I came up with a little thing called "The Mathiason Project" and started recording video game playthroughs then expanded to reviews of games and movies. I also do the occasional live streams on YouTube and Twitch. 

As I said, this Project started as a hobby, but now that I've been making videos for a while and kind of gotten the hang of the process, I feel the time has come to take it to the next level and try to make it into an actual career. I believe it's everyone's dream to be able to make a living doing what they love, and what I love is playing games, recording videos, and entertaining people. It's with that in mind that I launched this Patreon campaign. 

As a lot of you know, but some of you may not, Patreon is a service that allows fans, patrons, like you to reach out to, follow, and support creators like me in our efforts to entertain you. If you wish, you can even donate money to us, either on a monthly or a by-the-video basis, depending on the creator. 

What will the money you donate go toward? Well, just getting started, it will go to help out with basic household expenses, rent, bills, food, the usual. As support grows though, it's my hope to be able to use the money from this campaign to afford more games to play for you all as well as better recording equipment to make better videos for you.

Know one thing. I will not hide any of my videos behind backer reward brackets, and even if you do not donate, I will still continue to make the best videos I can to entertain you all. Nothing will change in that regard. The Mathiason Project is as much for you as it is for me, and anything I make will be for you to see, regardless of if you're able to throw money my way or not. If you are, awesome. If you're not able to, I'm not going to punish you for it. All I'll really ask of you then is that you like my videos, share them with your gamer friends, and subscribe to my channel. Let there be videos!

Thank you for joining me on this Project, and let's see what we can make together. For the Mathiason Project, this is Thor Mathiason signing out!
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If, by some godly stroke of luck I manage to reach this goal, I'll be able to leave my current job and devote all my time and effort to becoming a full-time video producer. Let's make this happen!
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