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About Matt Hargreaves


Don't know who I am? Check out my YouTube Channel

I've been lending my voice to the Eddsworld Web Series since 2005.

If you've seen 5 minutes of my work, you've probably seen it all. The problem with that is, I have so much more to give. Anything I've ever earned through YouTube has gone straight back into creating content. I notepads crammed full ideas that will never fulfil their potential and I think that's a huge shame. If I was able to get some of these smaller Ideas off the ground, I might even be able to work on one of the 3 Web Series I've been writing.

What your money pays for

actors, script editors, props, costumes, locations, travel, special effects, soundtrack, feeding the crew, new suit

Whenever possible, I try to work with a skeleton crew

(skeleton crew means bare minimum, it's not like they're zombies... *writes down sketch idea*)

I really want to make more episodes of this

Please Stand By - Episode 1

Please Stand By - Episode 2

and more stuff like this

Bitches Love Toast

Christmas Warfare