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About Matthew Hooper

I am a writer currently working on his first novel. I also enjoy writing short stories of different genres, though I prefer fantasy and science fiction. All pledges will help me to make/maintain a website where I can make blog posts and all pledges will help me continue writing.
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  • Thank you for helping me continue writing. It really does help. 
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  • This tier gives you access to the patron-only discord server.
  • This tier is also the start of tiers that get to read my short stories that I post here.
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Tier 4: Eldritch Royalty
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  • A short story of any genre you choose.
  • A character in that short story named after you or a reasonable name you choose. 
  • Limited to 2 a month. 
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The first goal I have is only $150 a month. This is just so I can afford the computer I want which is on a monthly payment and I could have a bit of extra money left for other stuff I need, like food. 
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