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Budget-friendly and even comes with a cool "Ask the Author" type benefit! You can also commission me for work, need a romantic poem written for your love? Maybe you're bored and want to read a short story? Or maybe you want a very strongly worded letter written for that guy you hate (that's a bad example and I know it). I can do all this and more for you!




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About Matthew R.D

My name is Matthew and I'm addicted to anime- oh wait, wrong page. Lets start over, hi everyone! My name is Matthew Devries and I am an aspiring author and career writer. I'm currently in college, working, and also trying to start a career as an author so I'm essentially burning the candle at both ends. and the middle. the entire candle is engulfed in flames actually. I primarily write fantasy and poetry, but I will happily work for commission on just about any project as I love the written word in general! One last thing, please don't let my goofy introduction fool you; I am actually a fairly skilled writer who is in college for a degree in the art of writing.
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After reaching $500 a month, I'll be able to cut back on my day job a bit and have more time to spend with you guys! More time to respond and create, more availability for commission work, and the big one: more time to work on my main book. As things progress, I may even start a weekly podcast!
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