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Mattia Cupelli is an italian musician born on 17 March 1994. His style is based on different sound overlays, "Wall of Sound" (typical of ambient music), echo effects, the sense of casuality, all accompanied by pianos or guitars from the classical modern music style or even post rock/ambient music. His style is also highly influenced by film music.

His first works are mainly based on orchestral music (Ruins of a Lost Dream) and piano solo (Love and Loss, Life e Ides of March), all sound materials that will then converge in his work "Il Cacciatore di Arcobaleni" which represents a true synthesis of all his music until then.

In 2015 he starts composing again for piano and string orchestra in his work "Frammenti", until reaching his realization with the electric/rock album. In 2016 he released "Broken Hearts" where he left orchestral sounds to make room for guitars and rock percussions.

After 2 years of work, in 2017 is published "Waves", an epic orchestral music album.
In the same year starts the production of a new project divided in 3 different parts, the first Ep that will join the project is Random Chaos.

For the 2018 it's planned the release of "Rebirth", who reinterprets and reinvents old songs from his first productions in a totally new sound, based on post-rock and synth ambient guitars.

"Emptiness" is the single that inaugurates a new project, and it's currently in production.

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Mattia Cupelli

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Have an update of my hardaware and software will bring my home studio to be more professional, and this will affect my music, that will be better. More power from my computer means more tools to use in my music.
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