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Join the MattyyyM family! Thank you for supporting me, you get to enjoy these exclusive privileges! Includes
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Grab your guitar! You're going to get to learn exactly how I play my covers!


Guitar tab of an existing anime guitar cover on my YouTube channel, every week! (weekly poll votes, full lengths take 2 weeks to tab)

• Exclusive song/idea snippets that i've been working on!

All above rewards!

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Saiyan - $5
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Ready to make your own killer covers with my exclusive backing tracks?


• Custom Backing Track to an anime opening i've covered on my YouTube channel, every 2 weeks!

Highest quality MP3 download of an anime opening i've covered, every 2 weeks!

• Your name on screen at the end of every video I post on YouTube!

All above rewards!

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I'm a guitarist that specialises in recreating the soundtracks from anime. I have recreated over 100 anime songs since June 2017, and I now release 1 new cover every week. You can learn about my life and how I arrived to being the creator that I am today using following video:

Here are some examples of my work
Step 1: You donate $1.00 or more per weekly upload.
Step 2: I invest your $1.00 or more into music/video equipment to better the content I release.
Step 3: You gain access (like a V.I.P) to fun rewards and privileges!
*You can cancel this at any time, and set a monthly cap to your spend limit*

Think of this like a virtual tip jar...

When people see a performer in the street that they like, people typically throw them a dollar or two to help support them to keep doing what they do. This is no different. I'm fortunate enough to have an audience online, and that's the most important thing. This is just a place where you guys can come to help to financially support the channel that you're apart of.

With your donations
 I will be able to invest in cool things such as:
  • Camera equipment for better looking videos (lighting/lenses etc)
  • Music equipment and plugins for better sounding covers
  • Funding for my very own website 
  • Cool & fun gimmicks & props for videos (cosplay during an anime cover?)

Don't worry if you can't donate, this is just an option out there incase anybody ever wants to.
I don't expect anything off any of my viewers!

What you'll gain...

I release rewards over the course of every week. You'll have the opportunity to learn note for note the songs I cover, exactly how I play them. You'll also have access to my own personally made backing tracks that I will never release elsewhere. You can use these to create your own covers! Not to mention the 24 hour early access to every cover, and the highest quality file downloads of my covers. Along with the Alchemist reward of access to the individual stems that makes up my covers!

Music is all I have, and i'm deeply grateful to have such an awesome and supportive fanbase.
You guys have made this all possible so far.

Thank you for taking the time to look at my Patreon,

Can I download all of the available tabs, or only tabs that are released after pledging?
- You can access and download all of the tabs I have released.
Do I have to pay every week?
- No, you can set a monthly cap to your spend. As little as once per month, or as much as every week.
Can I request a song cover once $250 has been processed?
- You can only request a song once $250 has been processed within the Titan tier only.
Can I make covers with your backing tracks I download off of Patreon?
- Yes! I'd love to see them, so feel free to link them to me. Please just credit me in the description for making the instrumental, though.
How do I know which songs are tabbed?
- Click on the following list to find the alphabetical breakdown of all the songs that are currently available on my Patreon page:
Do you release all of the backing tracks for your covers on Patreon?
- The only songs which i've released the backing tracks for are the songs that are tabbed out. I release the tabs and backing track for my covers together. If you want to know which songs have the backing tracks released, please use the featured tab on the left hand side of Patreon entitled "Backing Tracks", and view the list there.

200 - reached! patrons
COMMUNITY CONTENT! I enjoy making videos that aren't covers, so i'll do just that! I'll begin making regular community based content (quizzes, reacts, etc)
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