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With your support, MAUI CAUSES will flourish as a crowd funded media production team who's mission is to create media for Maui’s most needy, environmental and progressive causes.

Watch our New Weekly TV Show on AKAKU Channel 55 Mondays & Sundays at 7PM and "Like" us FACEBOOK.

Our islands are locked in a hundreds year old stranglehold by plantation powers that never did and still don't serve the greater good. Only the people, standing up for what is right, on issue after issue, just as we stood up against Monsanto and Dow on GMO’s  and pesticide abuse, can bring the kind of change that Maui needs and deserves.

The light shining on Maui as a result of our extraordinary electoral win against Big Ag provides us a platform from which to promote alternative social and environmental agendas that serve the real people of Maui, not the plantation families, not the politicians and not the corporations.

Your generous support also allows us to bring awareness to the needs of ordinary people facing extraordinary circumstances.

Below is a variety of images we created for the Shaka Movement and Vote Yes Maui:

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