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Hi Beloveds!  Thank you so much coming to my Patreon page where I invite you to be an integral partner in my MomoButoh and Gene Keys Movement projects. 
I transmit with my body and voice through film and music each of 64 Gene Keys as they are illuminated ever 5 days by the voyage of the SUN. 

Ive created and posted videos and there are more to come. 

I am so fortunate to have friends and patrons like you, who affirm and value these offerings and want to be an integral part of this creative stream. Your witness and attendance offer energy and bring these offerings to life. 

Your financial contributions are a joyous sharing from the heart.  As monthly contributions ebb and flow.... dream projects like teaching and performance tours....
...and a MAIN DREAM: to live, co-create and dance in a wild + divine sanctuary on beautiful land shared with other joyous, free-form, beloved Friends, Embodiment Creators and Voyagers. 

As a thank you for coming to visit my page and consider being an honored Patron, here is one of my favorite recent video dances for you to enjoy! 

Your presence and witness is a joy of all creation ~~~~
Thank you dearly! 

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Base living expenses covered! -- I can upgrade my website and begin saving for a great video camera to share even more Gene Keys Movement posts, practices and JOY!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 15 exclusive posts
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