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About Maureen Shaw

I've been blessed to find the unique intersection of my passion (feminism) and my skill set (writing). I truly love what I do, both in terms of raising awareness of social justice issues and the craft of communication. 

I contribute features, op-eds and reported pieces to a variety of online publications, including Teen Vogue, ThinkProgress, Romper, Rewire News, and Quartz (among others), where I primarily cover gender, politics, feminism and parenting, and combinations thereof. I also give talks on rape culture, reproductive justice, and feminist activism and parenting.

But, as much as I adore contributing to independent journalism in the age of Trump, it sadly isn't self-sustaining. By becoming my patron, you'll help me build a steady, reliable source of income—all the while furthering the resistance by supporting feminist writing.

Thank you so much for any and all support!!
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