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So you've decided to back me for a dollar? Thanks! With this, I'll create for you one story. A rather short one, of anything you please! Well, almost anything; I guess I do have limits like any sane human being. Regardless, if you back me for a dollar, I'll write you a story ranging from 3000 to 5000 words. Yes, I consider that short. It can be fanfiction, regular fiction, adult, whatever you please.
Even longer stories!
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So you want to back me, but you want more than just 5000 words? Well, 5000 words should be enough, but I can oblige. If you pledge 4 dollars, then I swear I'll give you a story that's even longer. How about between 8000 to 10000 words. Does that sound nice? I bet it does.
Stories and more?
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Honestly? Ten dollars? That sounds nice to me! And if you give me ten dollars, not only will I write for you a story of your pleasure, but I also have a knack for fighting games. If you pledge 10 dollars, not only will I write for you a story, but on Sundays, I'll stream a fighting game at night. Which fighting game? Guess we'll figure out when we get there!

What does this have to do with writing again?




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About Joshua Jamal Rivers

Heya! Joshua Rivers here! You may know me as MaverickKayPrime though. I'm usually a fanfic writer on, but I also post some stories on devientArt, and a long, long time ago, I was the creator of a flash series called Shadow and Vegeta Unite! But that was a long time ago. No, I wish to write more original stories and become my own writer. To do this, I've started a Patreon, as you can obviously tell. All I wish to do is write and write and write and write, because that's what I tend to do for most hours of my life, honestly. And this way, I can get income for doing so, and hopefully provide better stories. And who knows, maybe make them physical.

Thank you for reading this, and I promise, nay, swear, that if you back me, I'll make it with your time.

Uh... not in that way, though, mind you.

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