Max Fenrir

is creating Art (leading up to a Graphic Novel)
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If you dig my work enough to say "KEEP GOING!" in the form of money, I'll be appreciative more than you know.

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Yes indeed... if you're throwing your cup-o'-coffee-money at me, you'd best believe I will take the hint and move more fasterly. ALSO: Please suggest what kinds of Rewards you'd like me to offer, and I'll likely do it.




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About Max Fenrir

Hey you.

So I'm another artist; previously an oil painter, currently dabbling with digital art.  

Right now I'm just looking to get my artistic productivity moving again, practicing for larger & more ambitious projects (large-scale paintings, a Graphic Novel, etc). Consider this my open sketchbook!
So whether you just want to Follow & Encourage my artistic process, or donate $1 or $5 or whatever, just know that any amount of encouragement is greatly appreciated. This page will certainly evolve as I get a grasp on this whole social media Patreon thing.
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Meeting this goal will provide more free time and peace of mind to focus on my art. Your support is AWESOME!!
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