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Our goal is to educate and inspire. To create art, poetry, music, social media and educational materials for the purpose of ending legalized slavery as allowed through the 13th amendment of the US constitution and to see over a million innocent people freed from bondage in "For Profit" private, local, state and federal prisons. To see the end of the multitudes of exploitive privatized systems varying from "For Profit" probation to the warrant industrial complex. Our work has inspired many world wide.

We've been doing it with our own funds to great success for over a decade.  Recently our beloved daughter was diagnosed with a rare form of bone cancer and what little we had to work with no longer exists.

We want to continue our efforts but we need your support. By making as little as a $1 a month pledge you can help keep us going when the odds are certainly against us.

Below are a few sample of the materials we have created or particpate in towards this end.
Your help will make all the difference in the world.

Video and Art
The Incarceration Nation in Black And White
The Cost Of Living
"I Denounce the So-Called Emancipation as a Stupendous Fraud"
Bid Em In

Scholarly Literature
Breaking Down The Deceptions of The 13th Amendment 

Radio Broadcasts
New Abolitionists Radio

Carolinas Human Rights Organizing Conference - Chronic-2016 

Direct Action
Millions for prisoners march on washington
America After Charleston PBS

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