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Hey everyone. My name's Max and welcome to The Family!

To all fans, old or new, I want to start by thanking you for stopping by. If you're considering becoming a patron, that's already more than I can ask for. My vision for MaxRodriguesTV is to create a network where all walks of life can come and forget about the daily stresses of life, even if it's only for a little bit. It's always nice to sit back and relax and forget about all the responsibilities we have in our lives, and I want to provide you guys with your main hub for that escape. I plan on doing streams, creative videos, playthroughs, rants, interactive debates, game reviews and many other things on this network. All donations will go towards the growth of my Youtube and Twitch channels. The funds will be used for things like buying a camera, upgrading my PC, buying videogames to create content with, upgrading my streaming set up, purchasing and building a website, and all other things that encompass creating great content for you guys. As a blue collar, working class guy, I truly understand how hard it is to earn an honest dollar. The thought of you guys reading this even considering being charitable enough to pledge to the growth of my network truly makes me happy and makes me feel very humbled. Every dollar counts and I truly appreciate all pledges, and I promise to make you guys proud.

Getting to know me and my gaming history:

I was born on a beautiful spring day in a suburb of Boston, Massachusetts on the date of April 1st, 1996. That's right, I'm an April fools baby! One time, when I was very young, I invited all my classmates to come to my birthday party at chuck 'e' cheese afterschool. Nobody showed up! They thought it was an April fools joke! Lmao. Anyways, my passion for videogames came at a very early age. Growing up, we didn't have the most money, but my single mother always did what she could so me and my brothers could have all the games that we wanted. And for that, I will always appreciate her. My earliest memories in gaming was playing my older brothers consoles. Super Nintendo, Nintendo 64, PS1 and Master System were the earliest systems I recall playing.. I remember playing games like Earthbound, Alex Kidd in Miracle World, Megaman X, Legend of Zelda the Ocarina of Time, Crash Bandicoot, Spyro and mostly all the popular games from that era. It always felt like it was Christmas anytime we got a new console. My first original xbox, our first PS2, getting a PSP, going to Toys R Us to get a Gameboy Advance, all these memories are very close to my heart and brought me so much joy as a child. Eventually, I slowly progressed into PC gaming. I started with RuneScape, the classic game we all know of. Me and my friends at school loved this game in the 2000s and we had so much fun! This created my passion for PC gaming. I still play OldSchool RuneScape every now and then to this day! Sometimes with those same old friends. After about a year of playing Runescape casually, I made my way to First Person Shooters, while still playing RuneScape on the side. I found a website called ijji which hosted a ton of online games and started with a game called Gunz Online. Later, I moved on to the first game I took seriously and competitively, Soldier Front also known as Special Force in other regions. In my playing of Soldier Front I was introduced to the ideas of competitive play, tournaments, scrims, clans, and everything that I love about FPS' today. Around this time, I unfortunately lost one of the brothers I grew up playing video games with. He was my best friend. I was still 11 years old and it was very hard on me. You could imagine how hard it was for my parents to tell me, it took them almost a week to figure out how to.. This was one of the roughest patches in my life, but luckily I made it through alright. I spent the next 6 or 7 years going back and forth from Soldier Front and RuneScape. Years passed, and everyone I knew in real life moved onto console gaming. In my middleschool and early highschool days we played a ton of Call of Duty, Gears of War, Halo, and all the huge console games. These were especially fun because of playing with the people I knew so well from school! We would all meet up and have LAN parties and my house showing eachother cool glitches and how good we were online and just having some good fun. We would all walk down the street from my house and go get fried chicken together, sometimes 6 or 8 of us. I still have a passion for console gaming, especially classic consoles. All these things are my inspiration for this network. You never know what someone is going through behind the monitor, and alot of people need a place to go to take their mind off things. I feel like it is my calling to create a channel where everyone can come and be positive and game together and escape whatever problems they may be facing even if it is for just a moment.. I really hope you guys feel like you know me better than you did before. Cheers everybody, I love you and thank you for your support.
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