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Access to raw chapters of my future works as I write. A good way to come along and keep a watch at my work. Excerpts of chapters yet to be refined and put into books. A trinket of sorts to those who wish to support me in some way and would at least like some sort of simple reward.

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Not only be able of patroning, but also having the chance of suggesting with direct messages what are you enjoying/disliking in the texts and also making your own comments (That if good/bad enough shall be added to the following chapter as a piece of legit criticism!)

Plus you shall have the authority to ravage through the servants of the dark, bringing them that sweet cleansing light (Which is always fun)
Brethren of the Light
Limited (80 of 80 remaining)
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Access to a special group in my discord server to debate over the lore of the books, with the author's participation to ensure all doubt may be dealt with.

Honestly just a tier for those who REALLY want to support me and want a cooler title. I'm out of ideas by now




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Hello there. My name's Thiago, and I'm beginning to write some books down. Mainly Fantasy (Since that's the genre for my main series), but I'm planning on making some sci-fi in the future, alongside some romance and maybe an epic series I once thought about. In total we're talking in the whereabouts of 43+ individual books.
However, as you may know, writing isn't a very profitable business... and until I publish my books I'll sure have a hard time on sustaining this dream. I was told about Patreon by some friends that recommended it to me. Therefore, by supporting me, you'll be not only supporting my dream, but also guaranteeing to yourself some rather fine piece of literature on the first hand. Hope you enjoy what I write.
$0 of $500 per month
Just enough to check on how quickly this patroning system works (Making my maths on how much this would help me)
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