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Welcome to my patreon. My name is Max or as I go by on here Maxmax24. I’ve been doing this YouTube thing for a couple years now and have enjoyed it immensely. Slowly growing. But what is this channel all about anyways? This is a gaming channel. Yes another one of those. Except unlike all of those other ones this one has me in it!! That’s amazing. Here you get the weekly gaming news every Friday on a show called Weekly Gamer. Every Tuesday is another video with a different theme every week. Either a in depth talk, review, or ranking. Whatever I feel that day. Then throughout the week various gameplay videos are uploaded when I feel like it. Usually on Wednesday. So if you enjoy any of that and love to laugh you should definitely consider subscribing and sharing this with your friends. It helps motivate me and allows me to grow and improve my content. Thank you for taking the time to read this and subscribe. I hope you enjoy my videos. And follow me on Twitter for the latest news
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