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Ah, jeez you're sweet <3
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By donating just one dollar, you get your name in every video as a backer and all the love in the world from me. Also you get to be automatically added as a commoner in the Discord server.
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Wow, you're even more sweet :)
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If you donate a whopping $5, you get the same as Tier 1, but you will be a part of the Respected squad in the Discord server and I'll personally follow you on all social media. (Might not sound like much, but I'm actually a decent guy and I need friends.) 
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Welcome to the double digits
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$10 gets you the same stuff as before, but you get the title of honored straight out of the gate. You're name is also put into any contests I might have in the future. Not bad considering there's a chance to win some cool stuff.
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Thanks for visiting my Patreon page!
I make videos about pretty much anything you can think of that I want to do. Many of which may be a bit controversial, but nonetheless very enjoyable to watch as long as you don't get offended easily. I am in no way over the top about anything. ;)
Donate and you'll get stuff in return! The bigger I get, the more I'll give back to the fanbase because it's you guys that make all of it possible. This really isn't about the money or anything though. I actually love doing this as a hobby, but of course you're gonna need better equipment for this stuff the further I go along. So any donation is a great help!
Many thanks and much love. <3
$9 of $100 per month
This will help me get better equipment, which in turn you get better videos. Pretty self explanatory.
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