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Thanks for visiting my Patreon page!
I make videos about pretty much anything you can think of that I want to do. Many of which may be a bit controversial, but nonetheless very enjoyable to watch as long as you don't get offended easily. I am in no way over the top about anything. ;)
Donate and you'll get stuff in return! The bigger I get, the more I'll give back to the fanbase because it's you guys that make all of it possible. This really isn't about the money or anything though. I actually love doing this as a hobby, but of course you're gonna need better equipment for this stuff the further I go along. So any donation is a great help!
Many thanks and much love. <3
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Ah, jeez you're sweet <3
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By donating just one dollar, you get your name in every video as a backer and all the love in the world from me. Also you get to be automatically added as a commoner in the Discord server.
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Wow, you're even more sweet :)
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If you donate a whopping $5, you get the same as Tier 1, but you will be a part of the Respected squad in the Discord server and I'll personally follow you on all social media. (Might not sound like much, but I'm actually a decent guy and I need friends.) 
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Welcome to the double digits
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$10 gets you the same stuff as before, but you get the title of honored straight out of the gate. You're name is also put into any contests I might have in the future. Not bad considering there's a chance to win some cool stuff.
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Now you're just being too nice
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$20 gets you everything, except you earn the title of Noble in the Discord server. That's pretty much it for now. Sorry can't do much at the moment that's why it's named that. :(
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$9 of $100 per month
This will help me get better equipment, which in turn you get better videos. Pretty self explanatory.
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