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Going above and beyond the minimum contribution of a single US dollar, you can go on to submit a prompt to me whenever a new story is being drafted! I'll take all of the suggestions, put them in a hat, and draw one and write about it!




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Greetings Internet citizens! My name is Jake McCann, known as Mc_J4K3 on Reddit and as RegalLegalBeagle on YouTube, and this is my Patreon page! I am just some guy who chooses to write about all sorts of cool stories in their spare time, as well as make videos. What started out as a small-time passion project has grown into a borderline obsession, and I need your support in order to create even more stuff! Patreon is a system where you can pledge to donate a certain amount of money to me on a monthly basis, think of it as an MMO subscription but cheaper. Patreon is the online tip jar of the internet, and with this along with the cash I will hopefully earn  by making writing more and more of a fulltime occasion, I hope to bring even more glorious content to you! As a person who creates stuff, I choose Patreon because of its nice interface and the fact that it easily allows people to adjust their payments as necessary. Keep in mind that patronage is completely optional, and all of my content will be free for everyone to enjoy in the end of things. Thank you for taking your time to read this description, I hope to see you all around!
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This goal is mostly obligatory, I just want it to serve as a marker for me to remember the days when I was writing out of pure passion with the stress of school and work hanging above me. I want it to serve as a memorial to those days, and to make sure that I never lose my way.
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