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Just as the Jedi younglings are beginning their training, we are beginning our podcast adventures with your help.  Patrons supporting us at the youngling level will receive a hearty thanks on our next episode, and a monthly shout-out on our show!
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Just as younglings advance to the level of Padawan as they grow in their understanding of the Force, we are looking to expand our podcasting adventures.  In addition to the benefits at the youngling level, patrons supporting us at the padawan level will receive access to our regular episodes 1 to 2 days prior to their iTunes publication.




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About Me and My Padawan

Hello, and welcome to Me and My Padawan!
Me and My Padawan is a family podcast all about Star Wars!  Well, mostly about Star Wars.  Each episode, Ryan and Braden discuss some topic of interest from the Star Wars universe, as well as some aspect of another fandom.  In past episodes, we have discussed Transformers, Percy Jackson and the Olympians, Power Rangers, and The Avengers.  They also discuss what's going on in their lives, with Ryan attempting to impart some fatherly advice and platitudes on his son.

Currently, we produce an episode every two weeks for our very small following of very loyal listeners, but we have hopes and dreams of expanding our production in the future.  And that, dear reader, is why we have started this campaign!  With your help, we can keep the lights on, advance to producing weekly episodes, invest in better equipment, improve our marketing reach, produce different kinds of content, and... well, who knows what else?  We're learning as we go along, and hope that you will consider helping us keep this journey going for many more episodes to come!

If you can't contribute financially, no worries!  You can help in other ways, like subscribing to our podcast, leaving us a review, and sharing our show with others who may find our content of interest.  We will certainly be grateful for any form of help or assistance that you are willing to provide!  

Thank you for your time and consideration, and may the Force be with you!
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When we reach $9 per month, we will record a commentary track for Braden's favorite episode of Star Wars Resistance.
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