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About Meadhbh Dhommnail


Hi, I’m Meadhbh (pron: may v ). I write things, I read obsessively, I play video games (almost as obsessively), and I have a lot of cats and one very large dog. I run the blog Coffee Under Covers, where I write about writing, books, and whatever else happens to be on my mind at the time.

I write science fiction and fantasy and the occasional nonfiction article, and I have a collection of pseudonyms that I write under, including this one, Jennifer L. Davis, and my science-fiction focused pseudonym, Davis L. Jennison. Most of the world, however, knows me as Meadhbh Dhommnail. Only a small part of the world calls me Jen, and only my partner calls me “Hairdo” (A nickname that makes a lot more sense if you’ve ever had the privilege of seeing me wake up on a rainy morning).


So I mentioned I have a lot of cats. They need to eat, and I need to eat. I also recently moved into my grandparents' farmhouse, which was my great-grandparents' farmhouse before them. Built in 1915, beautiful and quirky, and I love it, but it needs some significant work and I need to be able to pay for that work to be done, as well as the normal sort of maintenance required for any century-old home. I am also the primary caregiver of a disabled parent and though she tries to assist me monetarily as much as she can, increased medical cost and decreased ability as she ages is cutting into her ability to help. So that's what I (and my fuzzy children) will get out of any subscriber funds we receive. It could mean they just get the premium cat food this week instead of the cheap stuff, it could also mean I get to replace the 50 year old orange carpet in the living room, or repair the crumbling porch.


Stories. Backers will receive digital copies of any stories I am able to write as a result of this patreon. I am going to aim at one story a month, but mental health (and life) may sometimes interfere. Sometimes I may write two stories a month, but if so, the second one will always be a freebie. Occasionally there may be chapters from my novels-in-progress. Some of these stories (and novel chapters) may eventually be published elsewhere, but my patrons will get to read them first. There may also be some other rewards available for milestones and certain patron levels. I am a crafter as well as a writer, so there's a good chance I might send some patrons a knitted hat at certain donation levels. Or octopus. I am fond of knitting cephalopods.
$5 of $100 per Short Story
An extra $100 will allow me to pay for my own cell phone bill instead of relying on my mother to do it, relieving a worry for both of us. I win, she wins, and you win from getting more stories.

If I get to $100 per month, I will release the first chapter of my fantasy humor novel, This Ain't No Fairy Story, to my Patrons.
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