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About Medic Vayne

Hi everyone. My name is Vayne. I have been playing games and entertaining people for a long time now and wanted to make a place for all video game lovers to come hang out with me and my friends while we tackle boss fights, raids and everything else gaming has to offer.

Throughout my life, I have always viewed these games as not only an escape from day to day life but also as a great way to build a social circle with like minded people and I want you to be a part of this journey and celebrate you.

By joining me on Patreon and becoming a patron, you will be helping pave the way and leading our family into a future where everyone is included and can be who we are as people. Now, due to my background in the medical field, I also want to be able to use some of our funding to help with providing medical assistance to those who may not be able to get help when needed. This is why, when ever you sign up as a Patron, 10% of your monthly donation will be given to a hospital, urgent care or community health center either anonymously or with your name attached. 

So, please, come hang out with me on Twitch and YouTube. Let's create a better world for everyone.  Let's create our Final Fantasy.
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Once we hit 10 Patrons, I will be able to hire a video editor to help me with my YouTube videos. 
(P.S. Totally not my strong suit)
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