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Dear Friends and long time supporters,

I summon you on this occasion to help me to create the dream I had for a long time, a dream that I believe is shared by all of you – a dream of creating a unique experience on the internet media, a place where we feel happy.

After six years of work, and beyond every expectation, Medieval Music one became one of the most popular pages for lovers of the Medieval sound. My greatest wish is to dedicate myself to further promote maximum quality results, as well as to make a special website dedicated to Medieval Music. It also requires much more effort and time, so now is the time that I require people to help me.

If you want to express your compassion and support my work on the Medieval Music page, you can feel free to make a donation. With your donation, I will be able to preserve the site and provide higher quality content.

The amount of donation you wish to give is entirely up to you.

The World of Medieval Music 2010 - present
We are the centralized castle with its magnificent library, public square, secluded abbeys, local tavern, and marketplace for the soundscape the world is craving. We are your passage to the lands of mystery and legends. We are the never-ending story but the story with the happy ending.

How it started
In 2010 (17th February) I have started a project on Facebook: Medieval Music, out of love for the magical atmosphere of olden days. I have dedicated 4 years of my life to a patient and diligent research. Gathering and selecting from our rich cultural heritage from the last 900 years of our civilization. Perhaps unwittingly I have managed to create an authentic atmosphere made out of heavy symbolism, of moving pictures and of sound culminating in a multimedia information format, easily accessible, portable and what is perhaps the most important: easily digestible to a wide audience. At that moment I couldn't imagine in my wildest dreams that my page would become famous worldwide with the fans of medieval times, becoming one of the most popular and most visited virtual destinations. I have managed to create a story without an end. Today this story has inspired a great many people from all over the world.

Today, we there is a change in the world that has been building for some time. I call it the "Pan Medieval Movement". People the world over are rediscovering their medieval roots, and a shared history that heretofore had not been emphasized or made important. That is changing and you can feel the tempo of events moving. It does not matter if you are a historian, a culturalist, a medieval re-enactor, living history enthusiast or belong to any number of myriad groups like the Society for Creative Anachronists: the one thing that links, and unites all is the sound of Music.

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