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About Meeple Report


Meeple Critic is a website about board games that produces primarily written-based content. My name is Peter, and I am a passionate board gamer who has a strong drive to enjoy and understand the hobby of board gaming to its fullest extent. Currently, I am the only staff member of Meeple Critic. If you would like to learn more about me, you can do so here.

Meeple Critic's mission is to produce...

Meeple Critic currently produces three categories of board game related content:
  • Category 1: Data Analysis about Board Gaming
    • The board game community is continually growing. The hobby experiences many new releases and changes each and every month. A deep analysis of the data from the community and hobby can provide valuable insights. In our monthly Board Game Data Report, we provide analysis and visualizations of numerous data points in board gaming.  
  • Category 2: Board Game Reviews
    • Our extensive experience with board games, and our deep interest in their intricate details allows for us to analyze and review board games in a meaningful way.  We will continue to provide our supporters with relevant and well-structure Reviews for a wide-range of board games. 
  • Catego 3: Curated Board Game Recommendations
    • As avid board game enthusiast, we spend a significant amount of time playing and researching board games. This allows us to make meaningful game recommendations, and provide guidance within the board game hobby. This can be found in our Top 10 ListsCurated Recommendations, and our Game Night Guides.

We will work hard to provide our backers with high value content and rewards. The higher level of support we reach the more we can offer. Here is a list of our primary funding goals. As each primary goal is reached, we will also introduce intermediate subgoals. 
  • Primary Goals
    • Goal 1: $25 - Commit to Monthly Board Game Data Reports
    • Goal 2: $50 - Produce an Annual Top 100 Games List
    • Goal 3: $100 - Establish Data Report Special Issues
    • Goal 4: $250 - Establish the Meeple Critic Awards
    • Goal 5: $500 - Introduce Community Guest Writers
    • Goal 6: $750 - Addition of Audio-based Content
    • Goal 7: $1000 - Addition of Video-based Content

In exchange for your generous support, we are able to provide you with several benefits. We have several funding tiers. Based on the tier you support us at, you will receive all benefits of that tier, and all subsequent tiers.
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