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MegaPodTastic is a weekly Podcast. Every week Krazy Joe, Bob, & Hot John discuss movies, tv, comics, toys, conventions, pop culture and many other things (usually leaning heavily towards the SciFi, Horror, and SuperHero genres). We've been at it since 2009 and have twice been nominated for the prestigious Parsec Award for excellence in speculative fiction podcasting.

We also post supplemental videos to YouTube. Our video adventures take us to comic conventions, events like Blob Fest, and many other things. 

The costs of hosting the site (which have been increasing), the cost of our voice mail line, the yearly renewal of our URL and many other expenses are paid out of pocket...we have no advertisers and make no profit off of MegaPodTastic ?. It's truly a labor of love. 

Please consider becoming a patron. Anything from 1.00 a month to 5.00 a month would help us to keep the show coming.

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