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Cause You Got My Back and I Love You For That 

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I'm on a Mission

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About Mega Ran


If you grew up a fan of hip-hop circa 1988 - '96, which many cite as the last golden era of creativity and individuality in the genre, AND you also found yourself an avid player of the Super Nintendo & Sega Genesis game libraries... then the music emcee Mega Ran & producer K-Murdock create is probably in your wheelhouse! Ran & K have been creating progressive hip-hop on their own the last 10+ years but, through their shared fondness for both video games and hip-hop, have solidified themselves as a formidable duo who love to create game-inspired audio projects via their "Bits & Rhymes" banner...peep!


Via Patreon, Ran & K offer their fans a viable platform to help financially support the duo in exchange for exclusive access to the video-game inspired hip-hop songs they create! Essentially, fans patronize through one of 4-support options offered ($1, $2, $5 or $10), depending on what they feel comfortable with, to reap the benefits attributed to that specified level.  EVERY DOLLAR COUNTS, so even if your budget only affords you to support at the minimum one dollar per release level, THAT STILL gets you access to download Mega Ran's EXCLUSIVE Patreon-only song every month ;) AND the guys will NEVER release more than 2 new pieces of content per 30-day span, so patrons can expect to only be charged a maximum of twice at their support level per month. You can preview some of the music Ran & K have created for their Patreon so far...


The ultimate goal here is that Patreon can act as a steady launchpad for Ran & K to keep creating fresh music for you; So the more support they get here from you the fans = the more content that the fellas can create for YOU- win-win right?  So, whether you love playing their music projects, listening to the podcasts they do, or even just long to see more visuals with the sounds they create, Patreon offers the tools to make those things happen, so let's build... Thank YOU in advance!
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