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Your pledge does not go unnoticed. All the outlines I make, all the world building, character cards, and other such things that go in to my story is yours to view.

Expect to see a personalized thank you email from me!
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Unedited versions of chapters - AND early access to free posts. :-D

This is where the magic happens. This will allow you to see more than the few snippets I'll be posting. You will see all my chapters. You can give me feedback. What did you like, or not like? Who's your favorite character? Did they act out of character?

You're seeing my creation in the baby stage, I want to know your opinion, too! :)
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Name NPCs!!

Store owners, weaponsmasters, dragons, elves, fairies, whatever you want! You can create a side character's name and profession, and it WILL somehow show up in the story!!

Want to do a little more? Copy one of the NPC character cards, fill it out and send your version to me. I like random side characters!




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Well! It’s finally happening. I’m finally here, on Patreon. 

And, look! You’re here, too!!

I’m super excited that you’ve come to visit my Patreon page. Thank you! Truly. Thank you for being here. :) This is a new, and daunting thing for me. My best friend told me about Patreon, and believed I could do well. My success hinders immensely upon your support, and I am incredibly gracious for any and all you will provide.

I am what my friend calls a baby writer. I’m new to writing, but not to story creation (DnD DM, baby!). With a mathematic and scientific background, it’s crazy to think that my true love is with story writing. That, however, is the truth. (Well… That, and creating worlds – I’m still a scientist after all!) I chose to use Patreon as a way to fund my love, while giving others the chance to immerse themselves within my world.

MY World.

That’s right. I’m not writing fanfiction. I’m not taking the world someone else created, and writing stories to fit within their realm. I’m taking the world that I created, the characters I love, and the insane number of stories within my mind, and putting pen to paper! (…let’s be honest, I type things. Fingers to keys?)

In a world where chaos is everywhere, hate and rage is on every channel, financial situations leave you anxious or depressed, television and movies run reruns or remakes, and life just doesn’t seem fair, isn’t it nice to just … leave? Leave the world behind, and relax within a good, fresh story. That’s what I hope to provide. I live in my world every day, and it relaxes me. It’s comforting to know that magic exists, elves are beautiful and graceful, and dragons are still the head of the food chain. Won’t you join me?

Your support will not only help me continue to entertain the masses – including you! – but will help me to publish my stories (the big time! Whoo!). Your support will help me pay bills so I can continue to write and go through the grueling path an artist must take from story to publish. Your support – which I am forever humbled by! – will help me smile, especially if you do.

Incidentally, it might also fund my side joy of baking nummy things for awesome – often random – people.

I talk a lot, so I need to stop myself. I am super happy you are here! Help me become famous! (Too far? …a little too far. HA! Okay... Baby steps, then.) Help me live so I can create fun, enjoyable stories for everyone – not just you wonderful people!

Most of the things you will see here will be part of a larger whole. It will be relatively unedited, and raw content. I’ll fix some typos so it’s not too difficult to get through, but I am still a baby writer. Still new to all of this. My patrons will be able to see my words, hear my voice, and hopefully help me grow to a toddler writer(no more crawling!)… then a teenager(I AM INVINCIBLE!)… then an adult writer(adulting like a pro!)! …maybe we’ll skip the teenager phase. Not even my godling characters are invincible.

Table of Contents: Aura of Life
Chapter 1
$130 of $200 per month
A big ol' thank you to each of you. I CAN BUY A NEW CHAIR!

Some people might think this is a silly request, but... have you sat in a chair for eight or more hours a day at a computer typing away for whatever reason? My day job is an online tutor, so that's what I do... sit in a chair... Comfy chairs are a gift from heaven, and this new one is from you. I love you!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 51 exclusive posts

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