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Hello & Hi!
Welcome to my Patreon Page!

I am Megan, Full name Megan Dawn Lowery.
You May know me from Facebook or Instagram as Viara Amethyst, as well.

I’m 16 years old, Living with my mom (Sarah Lowery) and my 3 cats & 2 dogs!
I am seriously obsessed with Entomology; nothing makes me happier than studying some of the most fascinatingly alien creatures on the planet; and best of all, they take up 95% of all living animals on earth!
cool, right?

Well, I’m also an Artist!
I do artworks such as Character designs, Custom commissions, templates, and everything else imaginable. I hope to be successful with my work and grow into an absolutely stunning artist; I hope to Be so successful with my work that Im capable of Going to college & get a masters degree in Art & Entomology!

but none of that is possible whatsoever without your help!!
All of you support me so much already, but words on a screen aren’t enough anymore!
nothing I aspire to do will ever be possible without some kind of income, and you guys are my only hope!

So in return for your generous monthly payments to help support my passions,
I will provide you with Weekly videos and/or Graphs & Exclusive Interactive Study Sheets teaching you how to draw! (and maybe teaching you a little about bugs too. But mostly drawing stuff.)

I greatly appreciate your Kindness, even if all you did was read this!

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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 6 exclusive posts
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