Meguroko Sylveon

is creating Youtube Videos (Animation, IRL stuff, Music, etc.)

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Hi Im Meguroko Sylveon & I do Animations, IRL, stuff, gameing, Music, & much much more.

If You want to support Me & My Youtube channel/Twitch Channel then Plz consider becoming my Dragon-Patreon so that I can Make Youtube into a living, so that I can consistently make Vidoes of higger quality more often. Let's Go my Dragons! Help my soar into the skies!!

Feel free to leave suggestions on what you want to see from me... Animations, gameplay, tutorials, Music video, IRL stuff & much more is on it´s way. 

A vote From my Patreons on what i should work on next surely will help me to produce the best content possible :)
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When We Reach This Goal I know that this is for real!

When This Goal Is reached Ill make a special Animation about the Adpocalypse & Youtube´s YPP Project to kill of small channels & My journey to Patreon & A more consistent schedule of videos. 

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