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About MellowGuy

Hello, dear readers. MellowGuy is here! 
- What do I do? 
I write webnovels! Specifically, I write The Hero System. I do plan on writing more novels, but that can wait. I started writing The Hero System on June 16, 2018. I wanted to write a system novel, and though what can be a better genre than... Heroism! 
If you think this novel will only have a 'good-hearted' main character that would be stepped upon by villains but refuse to respond because he's 'good', then you're wrong. Jonah, our protagonist, would mature slowly on his heroism path. He'll help the innocents, and punish the villains! 

P.S: This patreon is only to support me for now. I don't have enough chapters to actually pulish them, but hopefully I'll do in the near future. 
This support will go to the novel like covers and editors. 
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