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Men Are Human is a new online hub of information seeking to raise awareness and empathy for the male victims of suicide, domestic violence, homelessness, depression, and many more. Our mission is to provide the factual resources to combat these problems, offer support for those who are victims of them, and provide a network for campaigners to help solve them. Our ultimate goal is to create true equality and repair the rifts created between the genders by human nature, damaging social norms, and toxic ideologies. Above all, our mission is to help create a fair and equal society where men and women are equal in all regards.

By funding Men Are Human, you will be helping us to create a fund to keep the website online and improve it, including paying for web space, better features, photos images and icons, a proper logo, more advertising to spread the word, and starting a fund we can use to take action.

All money donated to the site will go towards these goals, we take nothing for ourselves.
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