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About Charlene Hamilton

I started with Birthing From Within in 2002, after spending several years as a trained doula, and found that the program spoke to me on a deep, visceral level. It is childbirth preparation unlike anything else available. 

More than just getting ready for birth by info-dumping data into expectant parent brains, Birthing From Within approaches classes as time for personal exploration; guiding parents into emotional as well as physical readiness, and teaching pain coping as integrated life practices, rather than a patterned skill to be remembered during specific stages of labor. Classes are dynamic, individualized, and life-changing. We call it "Radical, Compassionate Childbirth Preparation" and it shows. 

My goals are:
~Regular videos discussing pregnancy & birth.

~Outreach to & building collaborative relationships with area OB/Gyns & other birth providers.
~Non-birth focused classes, like painting, labyrinth work, crafts.

I also have a long-term dream of developing a Birthing From Within-based year-long pregnancy & birth program for all families, but especially focusing on expectant young women. Having been a teen mother myself, I can't begin to tell you how profoundly a year long, person-centered approach would have changed my experience.

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