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About Mentors for Military

A podcast started by veterans in Dec 2015. Each week we try to bring you amazing content and people to the show. We’ve been rated in the top 5 shows on Apple Podcast multiple times and we’ve been featured in several publications. We are on nearly every major podcast app: Apple Podcast; SoundCloud; PodBean; Stitcher, Spotify; TuneIn...

The Mentors for Military Podcast is here to help you grow personally and professionally through our content each week. Each week Robert and the Cadre of Hosts bring you into the studio where you’ll hear great stories from active military, veterans, and other amazing guests. Within each episode is an opportunity to learn from those who lived it or are still living it. 

YOU can help us become the best podcast available for active duty military, veterans, and civilians through your contribution. Allow us to become a valued member of your tribe. Select a tier thats right for you. 

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