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Hey guys!
    So you're thinking of becoming a patron huh? Let me tell you a little about what I do and what I plan on doing with your direct support! Meppsic is a fictional character that represents charity and kindness. I believe in helping the little guy out in any way that I can. I push to achieve this goal by a number of things. I allow smaller streamers and artists to self promote on my channel and also by using my social media platforms to promote them as well! I also assist other content creators by helping them build their page and make it more appealing for viewers. I help other others by providing them with advice and ideas to help them better understand what it is they wish to pursue.
    Lets talk about the COMIC BOOK! All patrons will receive the very first "Meppsic" comic book that is currently in development for no additional cost as I wish to show my appreciation to my patrons. I'm currently working with artist that consist of illustrators, musicians, voice actors, and animators. These artists are all very talented and kind enough to agree to work with me on my project! Your direct support will not only allow me to continue to do as I do but also compensates these talented artists for their dedication and hard work toward this ambitious project!
    Do you guys love music? As a patron you will also receive all the soundtracks used in all my YouTube videos. Every soundtrack I've used and will continue to be using will not be released anywhere else. The soundtracks are all original and unique in their own way. Most of the songs that will be used are created by Dustin Howard, a great friend of mine. If you wish to support Dustin's musical talent and ability this is the way to go!
    That's it for now guys! If you ask me that's a whole lot of stuff. As this idea grows there will be more perks for all the patrons who supported me and my loyal team! If you wish to help build this community and watch it grow from the ground up like your favorite plant then consider pledging! The plant thing was a joke for the record lol.  
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post

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