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About Merc

Hi. I’m Merc.

Thank you for stopping by and being a supporter of our channel, it means a lot to us.

Me and my friend, Alexandria Tucker, have been creating videos for more than 3 years now. The small revenue we earned from our videos used to be enough, but not anymore.

Nowadays, most of our videos get demonetized by Youtube as most of our videos deal with topics which are deemed "Non-advertiser friendly" by Youtube. It takes us a lot of time and effort in researching, writing scripts, finding reliable sources, producing and editing these videos, but we barely make anything from the Youtube Advertisements.

We love making videos and will continue to make them, nonetheless, but If you’ve been enjoying our content and would like to help, you can donate a small amount here every month. Your support will definitely help us in making good quality videos without any compromise. 

Even the smallest amount is greatly appreciated. If you can’t afford to, you can simply watch our videos without any adblocking software. 

Whether you choose to support us by contributing or just by watching our videos, I thank you for your support. I hope that with your support we will be able to continue doing what we love :) 
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Reaching $500 would help us to improve our production. We would be able to buy a new Microphone, pay for Stock Footages and Software Subscriptions!
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