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About MerricGaming

Do you feel that? That fresh morning sun spilling all over this new website? Yea, that’s nice.
Welcome adventurer, come in and stay a spell. All are welcome at Merric Games!

Here you can find all you need to know about dice, books, games of all kinds, and even games of my own design.

Who am I? My name is Merric. I have been creating content on youtube and twitch for around 5 or so years. 

Why create this place now? Well, outside of creating let’s plays and streaming I love collecting things and talking about them, but neither of my channels are really focused on that. So, I decided to create this place to share my love of collecting things with the world.

I think if you hang out long enough you will learn that one of my favorite things to do is loot. I LOVE LOOT. Especially when it’s cool unique loot!

With your support I will be able to acquire new awesome loot to review and even start doing giveaways!

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