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About Bloodberry

HI! And thanks for visiting my Patreon page.


I'm not a very recognized modder, but I've been in the modding scene for quite some time. For the moment, I'm dedicating my time in developing mods (commonly character imports) for the follwing games:
  • Grand Theft Auto IV (Characters, NPC and Weapons).
  • Left 4 Dead 2 (Characters, Items, HUD and Sounds).
  • Super Smash Bros. Brawl (Characters, Items, HUD and Sounds).

One of my goals is to share most of what I do while getting support from you guys (not only by becoming patreons, by support I also mean viewing my posts, downloading mods I upload, commenting constructive criticism, etc). 

All of my patreon posts with their respective download links will be available for everyone, since I consider this page more of a tip jar. Almost every post will provide three download links:
  • A community-dedicated link (i.e steam workshop).
  • A Dropbox download link (but through adfly).
  • A Direct Dropbox Download link (same as above, but without ads or timers).

There are only a few tiers, which you can consider more of donation methods. You can pledge only to donate the specified amount listed in the tier and imediately cancel your pledge, no problem. But If you would like to stay I'll do my best to keep you updated with previews and WIP downloads.

Sure, I'm open to hear your ideas, and I'll be doing most of them. But.... I delay quite some time to finish requests :/
My modding pages
L4D2 -
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Reaching this goal will motivate me to dedicate most of my free time making mods and learning easier and better ways of making them, increasing the amount of mods released per month.
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