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I've been creating content (mainly Soccer Spirits) on YouTube for nearly 2 years now, and I honestly thank everyone for the support thus far. Soccer Spirits is a game that I really enjoy and hold close to my heart, despite some ups & downs I've had with it. But sadly, YouTube has been screwing my channel over ever since the Partnership Program changes. With more stringent rules, most of my videos were demonetised upon upload, and I could only get it reviewed for monetisation after it has reached more than 1k views. This means that all the revenue from the ads you see do not go to my channel for the 1st 1,000 views. My channel isn't the biggest, and so most of my videos are only at around a thousand views. Having no monetisation for the 1st 1,000 views really hit me hard, since that is most of the ad revenue gone. Considering Soccer Spirit's small playerbase, we'll likely stay this way. So I'm hoping Patreon could help in this aspect. I would still be making videos regardless though, so don't worry. This is still one of my favorite hobbies and I look forward to every comment I get. So this channel will stick around for a very long time! :] If you do choose to donate / pledge however, I sincerely thank you. Now as always, until my next upload, I'll catch you guys later. Bye ~
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