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My sincere thanks for your support and your Patreon nick on the last episode of all of my new LPs! :)
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About MetalCanyon

I make Let's Play videos and game previews with silly commentary.

I've been pouring a lot of time into these videos for your enjoyment, trying to make them the best I can. A lot of people seem to believe that recording games with commentary is all fun and games (no pun intended!) and, while it is often very entertaining, it can take quite a toll. Especially considering the frequency of uploading I do, coupled with real life job(s). Along with that, the computer (especially the HDDs) need to run at capacity for most of the time in order to keep up with all the recordings and renders that are done throughout the day.

I *love* doing what I do and I love it when people enjoy the videos and my commentary. And with your support, I'll be able to keep all the hardware involved operating or upgrade it for higher quality videos; that includes the audio setup as well.

Thank you very much for your support!

-- MetalCanyon
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Not just electricity but PC upgrades covered as well? Much wow! Seriously, you wouldn't believe how quickly one fills up large 2TB disks with rendered material. It's ridiculous. Plus the disks won't run at full capacity forever. They'll need changing.
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