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"They're only 1 gil."
per video.
The gil, a harbinger of greatness to come.

Pitch this in and know that I know that you're excellent.

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You can never have enough Potions.  Any adventurer knows to stock up before delving into caves and dungeons.

Get the chance to vote for a future video's content!

per video.
For those that know the way of the land, a good stash of Hi-Potions can keep a party going through more pesky adventures.

Also, have your name credited at the end of the videos!




per video.


This is all about making video game music Metal, that is what Metal Dave is about.

So, what do Patrons get for their money?  Aside from a tip of the hat, how does your name in the credits sound?  How about a t-shirt?  Maybe a download of the raw mixed audio?  Or, how about you calling the shot on the next video?

If that's not interesting...  Well, sorry.

I try to upload a video once a month, so that way any Patron can rest assured that their contribution is billed monthly.  However, if I ever do get the time to put more than one up in a month's time, I will let everyone know!  Plus, Patron's can set a monthly limit to what they're willing to contribute.  So, all in all, no worries there.

Playing guitar, writing music, Heavy Metal, and video games, have always been things that I enjoyed.  Being able to have fun with those things and be creative is a great joy to me.  It is my hope that through Patreon I am able to make even better videos and be able to devote more time to it.

Thank you, all!
$5 of $50 per video.
This would easily cover the basic nick knacks of guitaring, such as new strings, picks, some TLC from a luthier and, possibly, food.
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