Sawyer Aubrey

is creating Ballistics reviews on Science fiction weaponry
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Just helping to get me started on here is always welcome

Holy hand grenades
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At this point, you are like the holy hand grenade of antioch, pull pin and count to three, not to one or two, nor to four or five and then throw

Relativistic kinetic kill vehicles
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Welcome to the deadliest weapons known to man, a chunk of metal moving at a substantial percentage of the speed of light.




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About Sawyer Aubrey

I'm wanting to start making youtube videos discussing the actual real life ballistics and effects of science fiction weaponry using what resources they give in regards to things such as muzzle velocities, round weights, means of propulsion, and other things. I was a USMC small arms tech, contracted for several years doing the same work, and am currently engaged in work for USSOCOM. I was also a USMC Range coach and understand in full detail internal, external, and terminal ballistics of firearms.