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is creating furry cartoon art

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Welcome !
Hey guys, it's Salvador Meza, but you can call me Meza. I am an aspiring cartoon artist and welcome to my patreon page, willing to share all of my artistic skills to you. I do create funny animal characters at my own, mainly dogs, bears and other stuff i do like, and that's what i've been doing it for over 12 years and sharing my pictures for 10 years.

In a nutshell, i am a mexican furry artist who wants to make cartoons as a way of living form.

Why Patreon?
Unfortunately, due to time-consuming jobs and other occupations, my drawing activity has been slowed down, however i want to be able to make and share my artwork with you all, everywhere.
So i think Patreon is a platform which may help me to finance and leading to produce better content.
Sites where you can find me and my artwork.
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