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Hi guys, it's KJ the MiTechGuy here,

Thank you for even checking out this page. The fact that you clicked the link shows me that you appreciate and acknowledge all of the time and effort that it takes for me to upload videos at the quality that I do.

Why Support Me?
Right now, I'm an undergraduate student at (MIT) the Massachusetts Institute of Technology majoring in Aerospace Engineering. I am also minoring in Entrepreneurship and Innovation at the MIT Sloan Business School and concentrating in Economics. My course load is already very ambitious, but I have always striven to do my best in whatever situation it may be. 

In terms of my YouTube channel, I will not make a video unless I know it will not only help inform my viewers about new tech, but also will present itself in a way that is very visually pleasing, clear, and concise. I push myself every day to succeed in every facet of my life, and I know that this channel will be successful. But I also know that without my supportive YouTube community, family, and friends, creating these videos wouldn't be as fulfilling as it is right now, so thank you for even taking the time to read this.

I want to help as many people as I can, yet with the added fame and popularity, I receive hundreds of DMs on Instagram daily. I wish that I can help everyone out and answer everybody's questions, but that's just something I can't feasibly do. I simply do not have the time. With Patreon, I think I am able to find a middle ground that both you, my audience, and I can benefit from.

How will the money support me?
I have a really busy schedule throughout the year, so it is difficult to balance YouTube, school, and also jobs that I need in order to start paying off my student loans and also to buy everyday necessities. 

At the moment, every phone that I review is paid for by my own money. Generally speaking, whatever I make in YouTube revenue goes directly towards new phones that are requested by you, my viewers. This Patreon page will allow me to review the phones that you want me to review and also branch out into more consumer electronics in the future.

In addition to the everyday necessities and new phones, the money will help me improve the channel faster than it would've otherwise. I would be able to use more professional equipment and potentially have a studio and not have to film out of my dorm room. It will also help me improve my graphics, logos, and intros/outros. 

Long story short, I won't let a single dollar go to waste and I will continue to strive to improve this channel. And the more time that I can focus on my channel, the quicker I can reach my goals.

We are all in this together, and I want to make this as pleasant of an experience for you all as possible. You are my core audience base and you have gotten me to this point, and I will always be very grateful for your support.

Future Aspirations:
I strive to one-day be a leader in either a major aerospace Corporation, or a founder of my own company. I also will likely pursue a PhD in Aerospace Engineering. Either way, I will always make time to create my tech videos because I really have a great time talking about new, innovative products and sharing my thoughts and advice about life with the world. With an expanded team, I could potentially push out even more quality content more often.

Thank You:
I've said this many times in the past, but words cannot describe how thankful I am for my YouTube audience, family, and friends. It means a lot to me that you all take the time to watch my videos, and also find them informative and entertaining enough to feel inclined to subscribe. I'll always strive to improve, and right now is just the beginning. Thank you for going on my YouTube adventure with me. 

- Thank you so much for even checking out this page.
- The money will help me dedicate more time to producing these videos and also improve my equipment/expand my team in order to help make quality videos more frequently
7 of 500 patrons
Once I reach 500 patrons, I will rent out a studio and expand my team in order to more consistently push out quality videos twice a week, regardless of time of year. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 2 exclusive posts
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