Michael C. Stone

is creating Experimental Music/Drum Tracks/Online Drum Lessons
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About Michael C. Stone

Welcome to my Patreon page!

I have a few of reasons for starting this campaign:

1: I've been drumming in all kinds of bands for over thirty years. I've learned thousands of songs for many working cover bands as well as working in more original bands than I can list. My professional experience ranges from country and folk music to electronic music, progressive metal and avant-garde/experimental music. I'm starting to teach drumming again, and online lessons are an increasingly viable way to do this. Not only can I help you with techniques and practice regimens, but also with creative philosophies and home recording advice.

2: I've been creating Experimental/Avant-Garde music in earnest for the last fifteen years. While I do this primarily for my own enjoyment, it does cost money to make any music. I'm hoping this page will help me to cover some of those costs. I also hope to be able to engage my listeners in ways more interesting than just listening, by allowing them to become a part of the process in ways such as providing theme suggestions for me to write for, or access to videos of the creative process.

3: I am available to provide drum tracks for your music no matter where you may be. I've collaborated with people on nearly every continent and in many different musical styles. 

4: I am seeking opportunities to provide soundtrack music for your film or video projects. I specialize in Ambient Soundscapes that would be well suited for Science Fiction, Horror or otherwise unorthodox subject matter.
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Viability Test:
I need to see just how viable this platform will be for me. 
The ultimate goal is to transition to doing music and related activities for a living once again, but before I get too lofty with my expectations, let's see what can be done through this venue.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 1 exclusive post
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