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Latitude 37 is 10 years old!!
To celebrate an exciting decade of playing stunning baroque music together we have decided to mark the occasion by independently recording and releasing our fourth album, "X".
But this is not your everyday album release! We have decided to create something really special - a collector's edition vinyl pressing of some of the music that we delight in playing the most, featuring beautiful tunes by Jean-Philippe Rameau, Marin Marais, Luigi Rossi, Marco Uccellini and Phillip Heinrich Erlebach, along with a splash of some quirky tracks by Erik Satie and our own arrangements of traditional folk tunes in true Latitude 37 style.
While the album will be exclusively released on vinyl, don't worry, it will come with a digital download code so that you can listen it on your digital device (just in case you don't happen to have a record player hanging around in your attic!). For the supporters of this campaign, we will also have some limited edition CD's available as rewards. These will only be available during this campaign so if you are a CDphile, this will be your ONLY opportunity.
This project is not just about the music though. We have chosen to produce a vinyl album not only for the superior sound quality, but also for the extra real estate for artwork. The album will be accompanied by a special deluxe insert with some gorgeous photography by our long time collaborator, Albert Comper, so not only will "X" be an album full of awesome tunes, it will be an object of beauty, and a veritable work of art.
Our recording dates are coming up in early August in the beautiful acoustic of St Mark's Fitzroy. It is an acoustic we know and love, having recorded there for our first CD, and the venue also has a fabulous organ which will definitely feature on the album.
We have some awesome guest artists lined up to collaborate with us, including Nick Pollock on Theorbo, (and other weird and wonderful plucked instruments), Hannah Lane, freshly back from Italy to play Triple Harp with us, and the fabulous violinist Lizzy Welsh.
We are committed to having the record pressed in Melbourne, creating a truly local product.
A self-produced record requires many resources, and we are lucky to have had some very generous in-kind contributors to the project who are covering the photography, printing/design and marketing costs, but we still have some expenses to cover, and for that, we need your help. By pre-purchasing the album, you can help us to finance the costs of the recording, mastering, and pressing of the album. This is your chance to be part of something really special. By contributing to our campaign, you can play a vital part in bringing this exciting project to fruition.

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